ACE Program

What is Texas ACE?

After school Centers on Education provide no-cost activities before and after school and during summer for K-12 students in Title I schools. The program is federally funded through 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) and administered at the State level by TEA.


When the last bell rings, Texas ACE is just getting started with interactive, hands-on learning disguised as fun and aligned to the school curriculum. Local programs also provide homework help, tutoring, and other targeted needs-based assistance, as well as enrichment activities such as sports, clubs, and youth development projects that build character, confidence, and leadership skills.


Texas ACE Goals​

  • Academic performance

  • School day attendance​

  • Positive behavior​

  • Grade promotion rates​

  • Graduation rates​

  • College and Career Readiness

How can the community benefit from and support Texas ACE?​

​ACE is committed to building strong partnerships with businesses and organizations to create enduring after school community centers.  Join us at our after-school program for hands-on activities to learn new skills, participate in fitness groups, and be involved and informed with your school.​

Community partnerships create a shared ability to help:

  • Create a more robust workforce​

  • Provide a safe place for children before school, after school, and during the summer​

  • Create a positive long-lasting impact on the local community​

  • Make a difference in the lives and futures of children and families.


Site Coordinator​:

Ricardo Ramirez​

Phone: 956-698-2955​


​School Principal:

Julie Peña​

Phone: 956-698-1100